Did you say a directing sign on the straight and narrow highway?




My Amazon author page!!!!




48 more posts on my other blog to 1000. That puts me right about mid-November for the 2000 + overall and 1000 + posts for each of my blogs. Its almost three years of posting every day. 1800 miles walking at the same time. I love my fitbit – it tells me when I am slacking and reminds me that I need to get out and walk.

I watched modern family last night. There are times when I feel like I live that life, and of course times when I am glad I really don’t live that life. Families are interesting at times. You love them with all your heart but sometimes reality is, they drive you nuts.

The path in life we follow is seldom the one we imagined as a child. I was sure by age 50 I would be a professional writer and yes I have partially achieved that – but I always assumed I would be living by the ocean, on a cliff overlooking the beach with a huge library. Now I have a kindle in my bag that has 300 books but I don’t have the house or the library.

Funny how the rules of time change everything.


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