Random Friday thinking




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Crisp fall morning air – there is nothing finer than watching the leaves change color. Lots to do in the basement this weekend and need to get on the garage soon. That first frost won’t be long away and frankly would rather have two cars in the garage so we only have to scrape one.

Today is an interesting day. My baby is going to get on an airplane by herself for the first time ever. No group, no grandparents, just her flying back to Indiana. I am a little anxious about this. She is a mature capable person who can handle anything, but I guess as a dad you always want to be there to take care of your little ones.

I realized yesterday that I miss Indiana more than I miss Microsoft. That seems sad to me as I spent more time with Microsoft in the past 15 years than Indiana (12 years). But I did grow up in Indiana and like my father I moved many hours away (he grew up in the Wisconsin Dells and moved eventually to Indiana. I was born in Chicago – moved to Indiana and then Cincinnati and Maryland). I guess that rolling stone gene is present in all the Andersen males.

Time to roll.


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