Shameless Review and an interesting parting thought…

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1702 steps to my first cup of coffee.

13,400 steps all the way around the Kentland’s once.

550,000,000 steps to the moon – one way. I suspect you would have to be able to hold your breath for a very long time. At my current rate of daily steps it would take me more than 15,000 days to complete the one way trip.

Cradle Point PCH. A portable router you can take with you anywhere, it allows you to connect an aircard and basically be your own security controlled and managed hotspot.

Now only $89 – which makes it competitive with the Verizon and AT&T myspots. I like the cradle point more for a few reasons:

  • Better battery life
  • You can use any companies aircard
  • I like the boxy design

If you are in the market – it is in fact a good deal.

I was thinking about the movie there are five people you meet in heaven last night. I don’t know why, it just popped into my head while I was relaxing at the end of the day. I was trying to envision who the five people I would meet, were. Who have I impacted in ways I don’t know. For that matter who has impacted me in ways I don’t know.

It is something we should all consider.


Rambling THursday

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Yesterday was a great day. By the end of the day I had moved a bunch of projects forward, had a couple great meetings and felt like a million bucks. Had a nice end of day walk and the boys made dinner. Now just need to string a few of these together and have a great week!

Still have 2 boxes to finish in the basement. By the end of the day you come home tired and frankly its hard to roll down to the basement after walking and clean. I really need to set a final goal and get that basement done.

Still only one working phone jack in the house but I was able to setup a DECT phone system which gives us 4 phones on the one line. Its frankly annoying to have to do it that way. We are so close with cellular phones to replacing that home phone line. You don’t realize how much that home phone line is still security. Cells work great 90% of the time, but when they don’t work, you need that backup communication plan. Skype is a possible solution but only if your internet is good.

They are coming Monday to fix the phones. We still also do not have a working dishwasher. I think that is wearing on Luke and Nick (they do most of the dishes now). I find myself saying things my father used to say to me years ago when I was doing the dishes at home. I feel really old when I do that. Not sure why it makes me feel old but it does.


A few random Wednesday ideas

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Ok still hurts, 15 years lost. Wow.

1291 steps to get out the front door in the morning (I lost my fitbit for two weeks, and jones for it the entire time).

Next week is a busy week – my first speaking opportunity at an external event – I haven’t really had a chance to do a lot of those in a long time. I miss that. Internal audiences are great, but at some point you want to see what other people think about what you are thinking about. Actually that is the point of a blog I guess, as well.

The boys and I watched NCIS last night. Season premier and all. They are becoming such interesting young men. I really enjoy hanging out with all three kids now.

I have learned about myself as a wiring expert. I am not one. I have two speaker wires that I have run to the new stereo that aren’t wired right so the speaker system shuts off. I am going to try one more time then it is time to bring in an expert.

Time to roll…


Really? Your kidding right…

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15 years. wasted. Makes me sad.

Ethics – what you do when one party is enforced silent.

Found a great walking trail this weekend – actually two. Barb and I went for a long walk Saturday around the various sites/cool places in the Kentland’s which was a blast. We had a lot of fun Smile plus we went to the art Barn. The art barn has live plays and musicals that are presented throughout the year. I am really looking forward to going to “A Christmas Carol” which is one of my very favorite holiday plays.

The other trail goes all the way around the neighborhood. Without side tracking its 4.2 miles, the perfect distance because you can easily add 2, 3 or even 4 additional miles without varying the course a whole lot. Tonight I am aiming for 6 miles – if I walk to much more than 6 a day, my foot kills me for a couple of days after that. I will ask the new doctor about that, when I find one.

I’ve been reading the Washington Post every day which has been a nice addition to my being caught up in what’s going on around me.

Anyway – I have to pack up the blog and head off to work.




What could have been

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My initial thought: What does loyalty mean? Really? 15 years? The way you say goodbye shows more of your character than anything.

Random Thoughts:

  • The Colts look lost – you can’t take away a sure hall of famer and expect them to win
  • The patriots looked good against San Diego. I know the man has talent, but I can’t root for Phillip Rivers.
  • The path to forgiveness lies in caring.
  • I have been an employee of someone else for more than 25 years now. Why do I feel so old.
  • My beloved wife said the other day “I am gearing up for retirement. But I am also trying to kickstart my career.” It’s a difficult situation for anyone to be in.
  • I watched 2 full quarters of football this weekend – that may in fact be a record length for the past five years. (longest not shortest). I did enjoy catching a bit of the New England game and I speed watched the tape delayed IU game.
  • I am loving my new job!
  • Happiness is coming home every night!
  • I transported my office mess 500 miles – but at least now I have identified the problem – too much crap not enough storage!

I left a great job in 1996. I still miss my old boss. After fifteen years of giving in my last job, I don’t feel that way. In fact I feel like the benefit I got was leaving.


A few thoughts on Sunday

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I’ve been playing around with a couple of USB 3.0 hard drives (where have they been all my life.) The speed of copies is significantly faster. The translation (network to computer to drive) is also faster.  I am not sure why I haven’t upgraded until now.

I used to be a huge fan of fire wire and then SATA but USB 3.0 seems to be much faster and frankly a lot easier to manage than worrying about all the different cable types.

I finally got my entire lab set-up in the basement (have to do something about moving air down here).

We still have one working phone jack – not sure what we are going to be able to do about that. Cellular phones are nice and frankly the service in MD is much better than IN (you don’t have all the hill based dead spots).  But it is still nice to be able to pick up the landline – use the speaker phone or even fax in receipts to the folks doing our relocation.

According to the tech who came Friday we have older jacks in the house. Which is funny because the first tech that came said we had the newer boxes which is why they sent the second tech in the first place. Oh well.

I suspect the first order of property management is not actually managing the properties but selling them. Once they are sold and people move in you can take your time.

What can you do? We have an inspection by the city in a week, I suspect everything will get fixed by then. Until that happens, no phones, no dishwasher and one broken ceiling fan.

What’s next?


Shameless Review

My Amazon author page!!!!

OK, I will acknowledge up front that I am a weather geek. I wish there was an easy explanation for why (sadly there isn’t). I am a huge weather fan. I actually found the perfect weather device for me a few years ago, and recently upgraded it for even more use. I am a huge fan of the portable weather systems you can get, and frankly the Kestrel is the best I’ve found (I’ve used a few).

Knowing what the weather is can help you, knowing what the weather will be, is even better.


  • Kestrel’s systems are well built molded plastic
  • They are water proof (which you would think was a requirement for a weather station)
  • You can get wind speed, barometer, altimeter and temperature
  • Wind direction and rainfall amounts are not as easy – although since it is portable the rainfall amount is less relevant. Wind direction you can get with an add on.
  • You can also connect the device to your PC to offload the collected data and track things over time.
  • Battery life is good!

What could be improved

  • Connectivity to the PC – you have to do a device to serial and then serial to USB conversion to connect the device to your pc

The things to consider with a portable weather station is frankly what you are using it for, and what type of batteries it uses. Its really hard to find specialty or rechargeable batteries. The Kestrels all use AA batteries so its easy to carry a couple of spares. I’ve gotten 16 hours of continuous use (OK I forgot to turn it off and left it on the desk)out of a set of AA batteries.

All in all if you are looking to get weather information into your house and your palm – this is the way to go.

(only the 4000 series or higher of the Kestrel can actually connect to your PC).