Sometimes I just wonder

My Amazon author page!!!!

I sometimes wonder if I am losing my mind. Went to a wonderful concert last night. Hosted by Montgomery College (where the bean goes) and featuring the Montgomery County orchestra. We met some folks in a meet-up group for baby boomers. All in all a great experience – the college is quite lovely. I can’t believe I hadn’t been there, until last night.

In less than 24 hours I have the complete android phone setup and operating. It just seems wrong that so much stuff is available for that phone. I can even connect my phone to my television. Where oh where did Windows Phone 7 go wrong? I hope the upcoming update (who knows when I will get it) fixes some of these issues and opens some new doors.

My next goal is getting some stuff on ebay to sell. I have actually let my seller account go empty for the past week as I didn’t take the time over the weekend to post anything. Being home really helps you get stuff done.

Time to roll – long day of meetings ahead.


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