I feel sorry for self-entitled people…




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At what point is loyalty not a good idea?

My grandfather once told me as we were walking in Milwaukee “Don’t jump into a puddle until you know how deep it is first.” It has stuck with me. Loyalty is important, but always be careful with the people around you – they may not believe in loyalty.

That is a question that has plagued me my entire life. I have come over the years to realize sometimes its important that both parties make compromises rather than one party dictating change.

There is a risk in that however. The risk is that the first person will get what they “want” in the situation and then never complete the agreement. I can’t think of how many times that has happened to me. It is indicative of a competitive culture, even a competitive nature. I earned what I got, you haven’t.

I had a dear friend once who worked with me and lost his job. Not because he worked with me, but because of resizing in our organization. I worked very hard with all my connections to get him a job. Would he return the favor? I doubt it. But I realized this morning I don’t care. My core belief is that loyalty is a good idea. There is no point at which loyalty is a bad idea. There is always a place for someone who is loyal.

The problem isn’t loyal people who do the right things. The problem is self-entitled people who don’t in fact have loyalty to anyone other than themselves.

I actually feel sorry for them.



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