The tiny snail circle filled with chanting snails

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Overturning stones

and seeking

lights and snails

that slithering like slugs leave

a yellowish trail

you can follow it,

the yellow trail for a ways

but then it fades to the green of grass

and slides off the earth

falling into space

to join with comets and attack mars.

But that is for another day

today we watch as the snails waltz

singing little snail songs to the snow God

who rises around them

in swirling smoke

only to fall back down

defeated perhaps by the gravity God

or the God of time

or simply pressure

failing to move beyond the tiny circle of snails


regardless we watch

and wonder

if we to should gather in circles

and sing to the snow God

or the gravity God

any God.


But we go back inside

for hot cocoa and memories.

They can’t take those from us now…


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