Freezing on a walk yesterday

My Amazon author page!!!!

Working on arranging my office this morning (house office – my work office is ready set-up and ready to roll). Got my author’s copies of my book this week – need to sign and send a bunch of them to various people who have helped me/guided me over the years. Its an early Christmas present for them Smile.  Went for a walk yesterday which may in the end have been a huge mistake. It started snowing hardest right about the big turn – which in my new walk path is the 1/2 point. Not the point of known return, the actually point where you are furthest from our house either way.

It was fun to walk in the snow – but I did get a bit cold by the end.

18 days from 1000 blogs posted on both blogs. That just blows me away sometimes. I do have a life outside this blog but then sometimes I wonder about that…

Anyway lots to do today. In theory we are going on a bike ride later today although as cold as it is I suspect that won’t happen. I don’t like riding my bike in the freezing cold. I don’t mind walking in it, but I do mind riding my bike. For some unknown reason I just feel cold when I ride in the winter.

Time to roll.


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