Why should we give food to beggars when a beggar actually lives with us?




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All Hallows Eve, or Halloween as we call it. A chance for as Bill Cosby said so eloquently “beggars to go door to door and get candy.” I remember the first Halloween we celebrated in the first house we bought in Cincinnati nearly 20 years ago. We ran out of candy and ended up running to the store to get more. Barb had taken the bean out for trick or treating so I held down the fort passing out the bean’s candy with the bean, while Barb ran to the store to get more candy.

Oh the days.

I passed someone today on my way to work dressed as a clown, for a second I forgot it was Halloween and started making up a story about the person in the clown suit, then I realized what day it was and smiled.

Now that said I am not wishing for the days gone by when the kids were little and the holiday was big. I rather enjoy my kids now as they are and don’t miss the days when we panicked about everything.

So tonight we will have to ask the Labrador if we are allowed to give food to human beggars. She will probably say no, and most likely will throw a huge pout and sit in the living room glaring at us. If we don’t have enough food to feed the Lab when she begs, why should we give away food when beggars come to the door.


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