Fall back–but not into the stove cause it might still be hot!




My Amazon author page!!!!




We  went to a “Murder Mystery” event last night. You get dinner, desert and a chance to solve a mystery. It was held at the mansion which is the old farm house that sits in the center of the old farm that became the Kentlands. The event was a lot of fun, watching as people struggled to figure out who committed the horrible crime.

The acting was pretty good. But mostly it was fun to get out and be an adult for an evening.

12 blogs away from 1000 – that means somewhere around the 18th of November.

1.6 million fitbit steps. Over halfway to my goal of 3 million steps. Considering I started using the device on June 17th, and lost 3 weeks (because I lost the device when we moved) its amazing to me. Now that I know how many steps I am taking, I find ways to add steps to my day.

Jackie and I are going to go take pictures this afternoon. She got a new digital camera (Nikon) and I upgraded my Canon. She stayed away from the Canon cameras – she liked the automation of the Nikon.

Then if my walk is early enough the boys, Jackie and I are going to see the Tower Heist. It looks like an amzing movie.

Last but not least I forgot to set the clocks back this morning, so I was up at 5 am making coffee. Oh well.


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