Why have you cursed me?




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Photography is about the ability to see. Not what is directly in the viewfinder but how it will look after you snap that picture. I feel like Scalari in that I know a great picture and with a digital camera I can take great pictures (1 out of say any 120 I take). I cannot however envision the post snap image. My daughter can. We went nature photo’ing yesterday near the house. It was a blast walking around taking pictures. I am so proud of the bean.

Then, like Scalari I looked at the pictures she took and found myself filled with envy. Why can I be in the same place and time as someone else and not take the same pictures, not find the same beauty? To behold the beauty seen by others is different than being able to create it yourself. I am proud of the bean – she has a great eye for photography. I on the other hand require a larger memory card as most of my pictures are well, not worth the memory they are stored on.

Still, if you view her Facebook page you will see dozens of well framed and shot pictures. I was there as well but I don’t have dozens of well framed interesting pictures (I have 3). I suspect the greatest gift a parent can give a child is waving to them as they blow past you on their way to greatness.

Still..”why give me eyes that can see beauty but not the ability to photograph it?”


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