Another Shameless Review = The new KINDLE Fire

My Amazon author page!!!!

Ohh ohh ohh I’m on fire!

Got the new Kindle fire. I love devices you can pop out of the box and after ten minutes are using them as if they were always something you used. The Kindle fire is such a device. Light weight and with a fantastic screen the device is my new favorite reading tool. Well now that I am doing the review its actually more than a reading tool. It’s a multimedia experience device.

What I love

  • Size
  • Ease of use
  • screen
  • Amazon Prime steamed movies
  • Amazon webstore streamed music
  • Audible Books
  • Wait – Netflix streamed movies
  • Hulu

What I like

  • Touch screen
  • clarity of ink on page (easy to read)

What needs to improve

  • 3g connection
  • more storage

First off I have only been using the device for three days so in fairness I haven’t put it through its full sahkes. I have also bene a kindle user for a long time, so there is a little bias there.

I am a huge fan of the Android Application Store on Amazon (as they check applications for issues etc) so I am not bothered by the less quality of applications available today.

Overall I find the device an easy to use tool. Now I need to sit down, and read for awhile.


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