Short Sunday conversation…

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Is it fair to say I have corrupted my children by teaching them to like sushi? Last night I told the bean she could choose where we went for dinner (since it was her bday and all that) she choose the sushi place in the Kentlands. 5 years ago if I had suggested sushi my family would have had my head on a silver platter. Now all the kids love it.

Last night we feasted on spicy tuna rolls, eel, shrimp and California rolls as well as the Chef’s specialty which was a Salmon and Roe roll that simply was amazing (I ate too many of those). We also got fish roe, which the boys tried and pronounced it a little salty but tasty. I’ve been making them watch the show bizarre foods with Andrew Zimern (sp). The man simply is amazing – helping reintroduce a number of foods into our diet that we’ve forgotten about. Since watching that show a few times the boys are more willing to try new things as is Jackie. Although due to the beans love of beef, she is now dead set of vacationing in Argentina.

We ended the birthday celebration with cake at home. And I got to watch my first live IU basketball game of the year. In 1976 my dad and I listed to the Maui classic which was then broadcast late at night on the IU radio network. It was a great bonding opportunity and I still to this day love watching IU basketball games. Last night it was fun to see the team really seem to come together. It looks like it will be a good year this year.

I am playing around with the gotomypc product for the next few days, seeing if in fact it may be useful. You never really know – I am trying to build a simple set of demos for a training class I am building so it may be useful.


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