Family time, it is a gift…

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Within 1000 feet of our house I have seen deer. We heard Coyote’s last night as we were watching TV. I have seen woodchucks and raccoons all living in harmony with the world around them. There are a lot of small wooded areas and places that the animals can hide from the ever expanding rush of humanity it really is kind of nice.

We had wildlife in Indiana although no deer. They are such majestic creatures. I suspect that is the value of Bambi. For those of us who watched the movie and saw “spirit of the wilderness” deer are creatures of beauty.

Barb and I realized this am that our family tradition of Thanksgiving movies may be in jeopardy. With Netflix/blockbuster we find ourselves very picky about what we see in the theaters. There is a certain freedom in watching some of these movies at home. I just don’t see any great movies out right now, perhaps a couple are planning a Wednesday release that will save the day.

This is our first thanksgiving in many years with no travel. It’s a long drive back to see the family (10 hours) so we are camping out at home to make turkey and enjoy family time.


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