Happy Thanksgiving




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Holiday shuffle. I’ve been trying Carbonite on-line backup now for awhile. I was doing Mozy until they decided that consumers weren’t important to their business and virtually doubled their prices.

The risk of on-line backups:

  • Takes a long time
  • no data portability (kind of kills the whole cloud concept)
  • Their software on your computer.

The first thing of course to consider is what are you backing up. Today I backup all the family media files to an off-line store (as well as three separate on-line stores) because well those are the memories that I don’t want to lose. Do you backup all the documents you have created over the years? I make two or three copies of most documents I create, as well as two or three copies of the one’s the wife and kids do. But I don’t push those up to the on-line backup system. I may have to eventually but so far I haven’t really found a need to do that.

I usually upgrade and replace old hard drives about every three years and to date it has worked. I suspect I could, if I found the time put the entire system onto a series of blu-ray disks and further insurance – but that sucks a lot of time and effort. Plus what do you do with those disks, ship them to someone you trust? Then hope they sent them back quickly enough?

I also use windows home server (2011) for local backups. That really helps for computer restores. Today I am connecting the first Macintosh to that system, been a long time since I was a Macintosh user.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all – and to my mother if she gets a chance to read this – we are thinking about everyone else as we sit down to lunch today. (PS MOM – we won’t be late this year!)



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