Sunday musings…

My Amazon author page!!!!

We went to see Hugo yesterday. It was a movie that amazed me. It was so well done. The scenery (Paris in the 1920’s and 30’s) was amazing. The acting was superb and it made you wonder why it was a children’s movie. PG. Even the baritone liked it, and of course he complained the whole way to the movie about having to go to a movie with his parents.

Hugo hopefully wins the best director academy award for M.S.

Today is my long walk day. I’ve been nosing around the trail that leads out of the next subdivision over. There is a trail that heads South away form the house and another that leads North. Today I am heading on the South trail, with the North trail being the goal next week.

I’ve had a little time with the kindle fire and frankly it is an amazing multi-media device. if your tablet goal is entertainment, you don’t need the processing power (and added cost) of the Ipad. The nook however does allow you more local storage, so there is something to consider there. Overall the smaller media tablets are quite effective. I love being able to watch movies and utilize the smaller footprint for reading as well. The Amazon tablet is also quite effective as a reading device – rivaling the Nook as a full experience media device.

I also find the Amazon android store (which you use on the fire) makes me feel safer about the applications I am downloading. When I had an Archos device a lot of the applications I downloaded had a virus. (more than 30% of the downloads).


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