Follow ups and follow ons…

My Amazon author page!!!!

I wrote a blog last week about why I left Microsoft. The number of emails generated by that (but only one comment – people don’t want to be seen as agreeing or disagreeing around MS in public). It was a flurry of emails – the sad thing 21 emails in total – more than 70% (16) agreed with me that it was a sad situation. 5 didn’t agree with my rationale – telling me I should have stayed and fought it out.

Interesting the way people thing…

Tax season is upon us. I installed the initial software and got ready for next years taxes. It is always a long and frustrating process when you sit down to do taxes. I have always started the day after thanksgiving, well at least since the days of TaxCut on the Macintosh. I realized that I’ve been doing taxes on the computer for more than 20 years. I don’t recall the last time I did them by hand.

I’ve been audited three times, once was my fault, the other two were simple calculation errors. Always check your math when doing your taxes. The problem is you stare at something long enough eventually it begins to look like it makes sense.

The great phone shoot out begins tomorrow. So far the blackberry has dropped off the list (its just not powerful enough to handle anything beyond email.




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