The long and winding road…

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What will be was but will be again.

History repeating itself like a summer rerun. Yes the show was funny he first time, but the second time, not as much. Time is a funny thing. If you do something long enough and enough times, eventually it will work. The law of change over time I will call it. You can’t keep pushing the elevator button to make the elevator come faster, until the one time you can in fact do that.

Scott’s new rule – if you do something enough times I will catch on that you are doing it. I am a bit slow, but I am not completely clueless.

I saw the most beautiful scene today, the sun rising and the light streaming through a pine tree at the end of a street. It was quite breathtaking in its beauty. It seems strange that I can perceive beauty like that but I can’t capture it with a camera. That line from Amadeus haunts me some 30 years after the first time I heard it (why my god have you cursed me with the ears to hear your voice but not the voice to sing it?)

Time to get rolling – its amazing that no matter how early you start your day you are always behind. Or maybe that is just me.


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