On the quest to 3 million




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How devices do you have to charge. I was thinking about the the other day. The advent of smart phones have people charging that device virtually every 1-2 days. But how many other devices are you charging? Between media players, battery operated gaming systems and other personal devices (GPS, exercise equipment) you need up with many more devices now than we’ve ever had before.

The dream has always been fewer devices however.

Fewer devices that do more. One device to do everything you need to do, and present that on a 21inch monitor so old people eyes don’t have to strain to see the tiny screen (oh yeah and include a help section for how to beat Angry Bird levels).

Anyway – enough technology for today. On the quest for 3 million steps – I am at 2.1 million. I failed in my November goal of a new podcast (ran out of time) but will try to get a couple posted this month.

I found a great new walking trail on Sunday, but realized very quickly it was longer than I usually walked. By the time I made the final turn for home (facing the worst hill on the walk) I had 9.5 miles in. It was a great walk and a wonderful December day for walking. There is something about walking when it is crisp and cool outside (but not freezing) that I enjoy.


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