Oh how the worm changes…




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What does it really mean?

The fact that my sons and daughter love sushi now makes me happy. We went out for my birthday (Beanie was working) but the boys added Eel to the list of sushi they like.  It made me happy to think the days of picky eaters are over. There was a time when we couldn’t go anywhere without slices of American cheese (and thank you very freaking much Kraft, it had to be Kraft American Cheese – she hated the much cheaper store brand and she also hated Velveeta’s slices.)

14 years ago I had to work in Columbus Ohio on Christmas Eve. I ended up having to solve some issues the customer’s mail system was having until midnight and then drove across the state of Ohio, all the way to Bloomington Indiana to celebrate Christmas. My 5 year old daughter was very angry at me about that. To her, missing Christmas eve was a big deal.

Now she has to work on Christmas Eve. The shoe as it were is on the other foot. And sadly or perhaps correctly I feel sorry for her. She has worked a ton this past week, the disadvantage of being in college, and being in retail.


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