a bittersweet moment




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2.25 million steps. It simply amazes me when I think about it, not that I took that many steps but that I hadn’t know before just how much I walked every week. I actually find I take the long way now when possible to add steps to my day.

Today on this eve of eve day I am considering a number of things I haven’t thought about for awhile. The first is one that I talk about frequently but I sometimes forget to say it to them, I am proud of my children. They are great kids and are truly becoming wonderful human beings. I truly enjoy spending time with them, not because they are my kids and it’s a job or responsibility but because they are funny, creative and interesting people to talk to.

I remember the conflict from before and frankly having less conflict now is much easier to deal with.

Of course, they will leave someday. Grow up enough that they can separate and move on to their separate lives so there is a bittersweet set of memories and realities there. It makes me sad sometimes when I watch them and realize their time with me is slipping away.


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