A tribute to my hero Neil Young.




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My apologies for a few days off in the past couple of weeks. Its really hard to blog during the holidays. Between blogs, exercise and family the first two always lose out. Family remains much more critical for me.

Listening to Pandora this am, enjoying a series of Neil Young songs. I first listened to Neil Young in 1968. From then I was hooked on his music and words. My original favorite song of his came from his membership in CSNY in the late 1960’s (four dead in Ohio) and then later the Harvest LP. I have ruined 5 different copies of the Harvest LP over the years from playing them. I have liked a lot of different kinds of music over the years but Neil Young remains my personal favorite.

An Artists career is a journey from light to dark and that journey is where the fan accompanies the artist. You find something (Man needs a maid for me) that rings true to you. You measure that against others (old man and heart of gold) that stretch away from you like a great highway. On that road you see bumps, turns and of course long stretches that are the journey itself.

That journey musically is why Neil Young is my hero. He has shown more faces than Eve in building a career that has expanded beyond what was to become a guide to the greater journey.

Thank you Mr. Young for more than 40 years of musical enjoyment.


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