Winding down 2011, tomorrow the year in review!

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From beginning to end.

I have come over the past few years to realize that I am a stats guy. I love the concepts of statistics and how numbers, people and theories come together. It is an interesting concept that continues to expand outward from where we are to where we may be.

The evolution of a theory is the one thing that intrigues me the most. First of all, someone has to think of things differently. You can’t think of the problems as the same as they always have been when building a new theory. Second there is a paradigm shift that has to be recognized. Sometimes we struggle with the reality of the shift and forget the new concept.

From the beginning of a concept to the instantiation of a theory it is an interesting journey.

There are negative and positive theories. A negative theory is a view of a current system or solution and assuming or talking about its failure points. A positive theory is closer to the blue ocean theory view. Where the solution is something net new. You have to have both types of theories although most people like the negative as it is easier to generate (easier to make fun of new ideas than to have one yourself).

Movie day – we are going to Sherlock Holmes. I am looking forward to that. Sitting with my sons and lovely bride and enjoying a movie. The bean has to work today.  Although last night she made the most amazing Chicken Soup with rice for dinner. It was truly amazing soup.


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