Chasing Dust Bunnies

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Tell me it isn’t so.

Laughter seems so distant now

the lights shining under doors

the windows shut against the cold

and the sash pulled down

the sunlight

trapped in the folds of fabric and

sliding down to the heating grate

falling to the basement

and shattering into

a million shards of dust

settling from the air

to the ground

tiny pieces

of light

lost forever

chasing dust bunnies.

The light fading

the door

sealed shut

pounding raises no ire

screaming brooks no response

shut and sealed

another pathway lost

egress now

to follow the light

to shatter

into a million shards of


and chasing dust bunnies

find my way home.

~Sandler Boggs

A few post taxes done random thoughts…

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Taxes done, 1 mailed (because well the state is behind the times) the other two filed electronically.  Sent the other via US express mail hopefully its two day delivery promise nets me a refund faster.

Yesterday while walking I was taking some pictures. Mostly of things that interested me and that I wanted to review later. I do that sometimes because well, when you can use the GPS settings to determine where you were it makes finding the things you missed the first time interesting.  For whatever reasons yesterday a tree intrigued me. It was standing all alone in a field of grass and I don’t know why but I found that interesting.

Last night was our first everyone there family dinner this week. We’ve had a couple of other nearly everyone there meals but it was nice to have a sit down and talk as a family meal.

time to get rolling


2.6 million steps since June 28, 2011

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2,6 million steps. It seems amazing.

I had a great what if idea yesterday but by the time I got back from my walk it was gone. I hate those fleeting great ideas that resonate in your head like wildfire but then are gone. The moment of inspiration less than the reality of the world around you I guess.

The rest of today is filing taxes. That is always the most fun day of the year. Nothing ever goes wrong and you can enjoy the pain free process of filing your federal, state and local taxes.

Or you can just go with the flow and take the pain. I suspect its more the last than the first.

I hate taxes.

But having them done is worth more than the agony of doing them.

I read an interesting article in the Washington Post today. It presented an interesting point of view (in the outlook section) about the value of taxing the rich and what that would do for the country. It probably wouldn’t move the Gina index as much as people think it would.


A dive into politics, sorry

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I went for a walk yesterday. Amazing how your body adjusts to not walking in 10 days. (ok it was more like 15 days but 10 sounds better). My legs are stiff and tired this morning. At least the hacking cough is gone. Now I just have a headache all the time. I heard from some co-workers that the worst part of this disease is the relapse so I am hoping I miss that part.

I don’t often detail my personal political opinions on this blog (figure about once ever 100 or so blogs.)but I have to today.

  • If you seek to represent me ask me what I need.
  • If you tell me how bad the other person is, make sure they aren’t saying the same thing about you.
  • Show me loyalty.
  • Show me that you know the difference between right and wrong.

The world is a tough place. I have traveled over a million miles in my IT career and during that time I have found there is only one thing that makes the world a better place, open your heart and tell people how you can help them. THEN DO IT.

It is such a small world we live in. What once took weeks now takes hours. You can talk to your friends in the U.K. via so many different methods it is amazing. You can talk to friends to Oz, the same exact ways. The world is small place now.

So tell me how you can help me. And then do it. Don’t talk about it like a book and put it back on a shelf to be used again later. At some point I will walk away from that. Tell me what I have to hear. Help me understand what is wrong. Then work with all of us to fix it.


Paddle to the Sea

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I wrote awhile ago about why I left Microsoft. There were a lot of reasons and since then I have found a number of people that I personally respected a lot also left Microsoft for very similar reasons. I found a new one this morning that I didn’t even realize was an issue. On my way to my office this morning 4 people smiled at me and said hello.

Now I suspect if I worked in an MS office more that would have been the case every day. But I was a line consultant and architect while working for Microsoft and seldom until the end of my career there worked in the same place two days in a row.

So in fairness my reasons for leaving ms are the same. The organization no longer cares about the past only something that is nebulous and beyond its reach. I wish those I still care about working there success. But its nice to come to work and be greeted with a smile.

“Paddle to the sea” as I walked through the parking lot this morning I noticed all the water flowing. I remember the old video I watched in grade school about the hand carved and lovingly painted canoe that went from the mountains to the sea. That video from 40 years ago is the only video I recall from that time with any significant level of detail.

You never know what will touch a child.

You never know how something will be recalled later.

As my mother always says: “her memory of x was y” or she will say “its your memory.”


The blame game

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Lately in our house we’ve been suffering from the blame game. The its not my fault its your fault I didn’t do it you are asking me to do more than you are willing to do game.

Its part of winter I suspect, cooped up inside for far to many hours of the day. The brown fat just itching for you to get outdoors so it can stoke up the furnace and burn off some of the foul stench of inside all winter.

This like all things will pass. Each day drawing a little warmer and in the end a little further from the sun (the tilt factor of earth’s access means its warmer in the northern hemisphere when we are titled further away from the sun).

The only question is now will I still be sane when it passes.

We are talking about going skiing soon. The boys have never been. I haven’t been for a long time (since they opened Perfect North Slopes near Bloomington Indiana in the late 80’s. Overall it should be a lot of fun. I am not going skiing, I like walking without a limp to much. But I would love a day outdoors to walk and take pictures.



To be loyal

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I wonder.

When Gwen (our Aussie Shepard) was still alive we used to say she wondered and she wandered. But today I am just wondering. The beginning is always the place to start so, I will start there.

I believe in the power of loyalty.  It remains a driving force in my life. I don’t leave jobs very often (I am now on my 6th “real job” since college and have left only one place with less than a year of service).  Loyalty means something to me. I started listening to Neil Young when I was 11 years old and continue to listen to Neil Young.

My favorite movie of all time is “creator” it has been my favorite movie since the first time I saw it, nearly 30 years ago.

Loyalty is everything to me.