A few cleanup Saturday items…




My Amazon author page!!!!




Backup Saturday…

Backing up the computers in the house (other than the kids – I have given up on those).

I’ve been thinking about what I can’t live without technology wise today (my mother hates these kind of blogs but sometimes mom it’s the way my brain works).

  • Smart Phone (I have two and a 1/2 currently. The blackberry just really isn’t a smart phone)
  • Laptop
  • Cloud solutions

The last one is really broad because well there are so many cloud services I use that I can’t really say which one is the most important at this point. I have a cloud backup solution that is critical. It has copies of all my digital photographs and movies. I was using Mozy for that but its too slow and now way to expensive. Carbonite is the new tool of choice, good price and so far the tool is fairly fast. I like the fact that it mounts a recovery drive on my system. In retrospect I should have installed it on my home server but I wasn’t thinking that far in advance at the time.

I am a huge fan of automated backups now. I wasn’t always. I used to kick off and manage all the backups I did but between the apple ease and the home server capacity (and frankly the easiest home backup solution period) I am now a huge fan of automated backups. I suspect the next thing I will have to think about is how long you keep backups. Today I have about 30 days worth of backups for each machine. I doubt that I will continue to want to expand my home server storage so I may have to cut back at some point.

The other two are pretty obvious. I don’t know what I did before I had a smart phone. At the very least I never get bored when I have to wait in line now.


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