What I am thinking about…




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We got the new Soda Maker machine last night. Make your own soda at home. It was really easy to setup and we were drinking home made diet and regular pop in about 10 minutes.  We tried the pink grapefruit diet drink and the boys consumed root beer. My grandfather would be proud (for a lot of reasons) but the fact that his great grandsons love and appreciate real root beer would have made him very happy. Frankly it makes me happy to think that as well.

Ever since I was a little kid I have liked the concept of thought experiments, focusing on “how things work.”  I have tried to pass that on to my children because its always been sometimes I have enjoyed doing. The concept of solving for the answer is fun.

The problem I am thinking through now has to do with global warming. I am not sure why it popped into my head but it did on my last walk and I can’t shake it. The concept has to do with the fact that the earth is getting gradually warmer due to human pollution. It has happened before in the geologic past but not quite to the level that is happening now.

A lot of people don’t believe in global warming (which is scary) and a lot of people believe for the wrong reasons (they haven’t really thought through the concepts and process of global warming). The science in the end isn’t pretty, in fact its kind of scary. To think that much of what is the eastern seaboard of the US would be underwater is a little scary.

Anyway, its what I am thinking about.


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