How to improve productivity

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I was thinking about productivity  improvement last night. From the broad perspective of what are the core goals of product ivy improvement (get more done with less time and effort in theory). Based on that I started thinking about the things I use to do my job and I realized that I am more effective today than I was as recently as 10 months ago.

  • decrease the stress around you
  • come to work with a smile
  • Tablet computing

First of all 8 months ago if you had asked me I would have said that working with the customer I was lucky enough to work with I went to work every day with a smile. The stress at the customer site was small. The internal stress of working at MS was pretty high. Taking that away helped me become more productive. The other side of productivity is leaving the monolithic world of Microsoft technologies.

Disclaimer, I like my windows tablet a lot. I use it every day. It is however, not the best tablet I use.

  • The Ipad makes you more productive.
  • The Kindle or Nook devices make you more productive – while increasing the amount of offline information you have.

Those two changed the way I read and used information both online and offline. They make it easier to consume information and reuse that information effectively. 10 months ago I never would have known the missing pieces of the Windows Tablet story. Now I realize that the holes aren’t just in the windows platform they are pervasive throughout the stack.

Time to get rolling.


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