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The concept of upgrades.

When I was 26 years old (newly married the first time) I had a car I loved. It was a diesel ford escort. It could go three weeks between fill-ups even driving 200 miles a week. I loved that car but it was a stick shift and my wife (at that time) couldn’t drive stick. The reality was (that I found out later) she couldn’t drive at all but that was a different issue.

We traded that car for a family sedan. Then 15 months later we separated and later divorced but I was stuck with that car. I in fact kept that car into my next marriage and even moved with it from Bloomington Indiana to Cincinnati Ohio. We traded it in Ohio for a car that better fit our new lifestyle (a convertible). (I bear no ill will against my ex-wife we were both young and it just wasn’t right for either of us at that time or probably any other time).

The convertible was my wife’s car (well it was our car but I only got to drive it when it was cold, snowing or raining). That was fine with me as we also had the greatest car of all time a Subaru Station wagon.

We’ve had a number of cars since then (that was 21 years ago when we moved to Ohio).  I have moved on as far as my favorite car (its now the Mini-Cooper). The reason for this post however was thinking about the cars we’ve bought over the years. The things that we’ve added as the must haves in the past ten years makes for an interesting list so, in that spirit here is the list of must have’s we use when buying a car now (for us).

  1. Satellite radio
  2. Heated Seats
  3. 5 or more airbags
  4. 5 star safety rating
  5. Rear Seat Entertainment (although this one which once was number one is now number 5 and sliding)
  6. Enough room for everyone to sit, although comfort now is an issue.

There are a couple of things that have fallen off the list – CD player is one of them. Interesting how your list changes over the years. I suspect 21 years ago we were simply looking for a car we could afford.

So to anyone reading – what is your car must-have list like now?


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