Where oh where has my little dog gone?




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Sometimes my mind just wanders. I focus usually on a specific set of potential things and then my mind is off an running. I don’t really solve any problems just come up with lots of variables.

Today I was half listening to CNN as I thought about this blog. I was listening as the Arizona debate came up as the news story of the moment. I listened partially to the attack dogs realizing that it scares me what American politics has come to.

I started thinking about a world without politics.

First off in a non-political world the skills and attributes of any one person would be the determining factor in their value to any one solution.  It wouldn’t matter what their fiscal ideology was, only what they actually accomplished.

Which leads me to the following random political thoughts:

  • When did we lose the concept of of the people, by the people, for the people?
  • Can someone with more than 2 houses represent me?
  • Can anyone who pays a tax rate of less than 25% represent me?
  • What is the modern American dream? Horatio Alger created the original rags to riches dream. Is that still the American dream or have we moved past that to a more egalitarian – let’s take care of everyone first, then allow some to exceed.
  • Is it a dream if it wakes you up at night?

Just my current state with the political mess we seem to be in right now.


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