Short Friday wrap-up blog…

My Amazon author page!!!!

Started this morning listening to CNN. When I get to work I am going to turn on Charlie “Bird” Parker and enjoy some Jazz. Today is finish some documents day so the jazz should get me in the right mood for editing.

I was playing with photography software last night. I have all the family photos (digital) organized into folders that denote the type of photo, location and date the photo group was taken. I am not a good photographer like my daughter is, so I have to take lots of pictures to make up for it.  The value of digital pictures is the overall savings you have over developing and getting prints back from the old days. Film photography limited you to the 35 moments you thought were good. Digital photography allows you to flow in and out of good moments and frankly just shoot them all!

What I realized was however that I have too many pictures. I need to figure out a way to archive some. I am loathe to delete them but I probably do need to find a long term storage solution.

Short blog as I get ready for the weekend.


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