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The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. We’ve been told that ever since we were in grade school. The reality is that assuming you cannot bend the space between the two points in fact the straight line is the shortest distance. If you can however bend the space/time continuum between the two physical spots then all bets are off.

As a human being of course we see other alternatives. Sometimes taking a slightly longer route is the better way to go (avoiding a left turn across non-stopped traffic is always a good reason to drive an extra mile). In fact the straight line is only the best route if as a parent you factor in safety. Yesterday as I was walking I saw the result of the rainy weather we were having. A horrible accident. The thing was, it actually blocked the entire left side of the road. Which meant the rescue, police and other vehicles even blocked the sidewalk (I am not complaining simply stating a fact). The accident looked horrible. So I waited until I was allowed to walk around.

I prayed that the mini-van that was well no longer a mini-van was full of children on their way home from school or some social event.

I have been playing with cloud storage drives for the last few weeks. Evaluating them on performance and capacity etc. I found a great program (well I was told about it a long time ago but just got around to playing with it at full capacity) Gladinet. Right now I am playing with 3 different cloud drives. Looking at different ways to keeping various devices in sync.

Overall I have to say the Amazon Cloud Drive is the easiest to use (although I would really love it if they had an Ios component). The Icloud comes in next with the most integrated approach (for ios devices) with the SkyDrive from Microsoft coming in with the largest free drive, but the least useful other htan its fantastic integration with OneNote. I will post a longer review at some point in the future.



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