Pay it forward

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Did you ever wonder? I loved Andy Rooney, and was sad late last year when he passed away. He was both an iconic visionary and an iconic voice. His catch phrase was oft imitated but seldom done with the same level of intensity that Andy had. Not sure why I thought about that this morning, nor why his voice suddenly popped into my head but it did.

I read an essay once about the concept of a “life well lived.”  It fits well into the concept of the movie “pay it forward.” The concept revolves around doing the right thing, not because of some greater reward or extrinsic value but instead simply because it makes you feel better.

It comes to mind today because I watched someone live a life well lived yesterday. There was a man at pet smart who was waiting for his ride. The clerk who could have simply helped him out the door of the store (the man waiting was in a wheel chair) instead stood there and checked on the man. It was cold outside and there was no car waiting so the clerk asked the man “Are you sure he is going to be here soon?” The man looked at him for a moment and said “I think so.” In many cases that would have been enough, I know at times that has been enough for me but the clerk continued “what color car does your son drive?” “It’s a blue van.” the man answered. The young clerk said “why don’t you wait inside and I will wait out here until you son gets here.”

He went the extra mile. He rolled the man back into the store and waited outside for the entire time we were in the store (the van arriving just as we were walking away). I hope the Petsmart recognizes the young man (perhaps I should go back and do so). He paid it forward.

Sometimes we are in such a rush to get to the places we are destined for that we forget the journey tells as much about us as the destination ever will.

Petsmart gained a customer in this area by simply having someone pay it forward. I hope that young man realizes that what he did was exceptional. I watched it and found his actions well beyond the norm.  He paid it forward.


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