Failure is always an option, dropping balls not so much

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The answer isn’t 42. (Reference to the incredible door opening novel “A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.) I find myself struggling with things that I can’t control and I am not sure why I am struggling.

Partly it is because I’ve been talking to some old friends and listening to the things they are struggling with. Some of the things they are fighting through are the things I was dealing with 8-16 months ago. So I feel bad, bad that I didn’t talk more about the things that were bothering me with my friends so that they would be prepared rather than facing the same struggles.

Its the same struggle I see technology companies going through.

Monday’s are reflective days as you consider the balls you have in the air and prepare for the rest of the week. I suspect there is a valuable lesson in paying attention to those balls in the air.


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