just another day…




My Amazon author page!!!!




I am still chasing the perfect cloud drive solution. I really love the amazon cloud drive so far, but skydrive and gdrive (not yet avialable) both have that magic pricing number (FREE) that makes me want to make them work.

Gladinet makes skydrive more useful and with OneNote you can have Skydrive available on multiple devices. Icloud does the same within the ios and Macintosh systems.

The quest continues – I suspect a review is bubbling up inside me, but not yet.

The whiteboard in my office fell off the wall for the second time. I had a bunch of folks in my office fixing it yesterday. I ended up running out for coffee, to much noise to work.

Barb and I swapped cars for the near term. I had been driving the cooper, but I drive a lot less than she does so I am now driving the Highlander. It’s a different driving experience. I had a little trouble this morning as I parked in my usual spot. I have been running late all day long so as I slid into the parking space I realized I had parked the highlander like the cooper, too close on one side and too far on the other. Oh well.

Just another day in parking paradise.


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