Post birthday download bash

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Sometimes on the weekend I look back at my blogs and kind of wonder, what was I thinking. I realized that yesterday’s blog while fun and critical wishing my sons and father a happy birthday – the actual blog was shorter than my header.

I’ve picked up 12 new subscribers in the past week. It happens every once in awhile. There are over 200 people subscribed to my podcast via iTunes so while I am not saying anything important, it must be resonating with somebody. Or maybe people are listening and reading simply because they feel sorry for me, or are worried that I may come to their town or city and so they follow me on-line to make sure I stay far away from them.

I took the boys out for their birthday yesterday. We ended up eating Sushi and then heading over to the yogurt place for frozen yogurt. It was a lot of fun sitting and talking to them about their thoughts and perceptions. After all they are now fourteen, only four more years as children.

I dimly remember being 14. Actually I dimly remember the time before high school at this point. High School is a blur of good and bad memories. College to me was the time I really started to feel like I was moving in a direction.

The boys are downloading a star wars game on my cable modem today. I can kiss any access to the Internet good bye. The game is 27 gigs so I ended up connecting both of their computers directly to the cable modem so they could suck down the bits. Who makes an on-line game that is 27 gigs? Its supposed to be really cool, but still – that is a lot of disk space to leverage.

I can’t even think of a game I’ve placed that was larger than 4 gigs.


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. (Both the boys and my father were born today, although since we are not in Kentucky, not on the same day).

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Where were you 14 years ago today? I was in a hospital emergency room waiting for my sons to arrive. It was called a high risk birth so we were actually in an operating room. There was blood everywhere and frankly it was terrifying.

They arrived, and I’ve been waiting for them ever since.

Today is their 14th years on this planet.

I am so proud of them as people and as teenagers. Happy Birthday boys.

Today is also my father’s birthday. Happy Birthday dad! I believe today is my father’s 27th birthday (for what has to be the 50th time this time)…

Family is everything.


Oh how the time has passed

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Putting your job down at 5 pm. I haven’t really learned that skill yet. For me it started as a school teacher working until the early evening hours trying to solve the problems my students were facing. But the reality is it started well before that. My parents and grandparents didn’t stop working just because itw as the end of the day.

There are times I wish I could put things down and walk away. I guess that will come when I retire (I hope).

I have been playing with the new Apple TV device and Airplay. Overall it is quite easy to use, and with full HD output it actually makes the big screen in my office more effective as a TV. I can also use the exceptional airplay utility to connect my IPOD to my Yamaha Stereo and to the apple tv (and project my IPAD stuff to the big screen, really nice when reviewing notes). I will do a review on this stuff eventually.

In just 7 short months Barb and I will have hit some very interesting milestones.

  • 21 years married (in June)
  • 22 years together (that was October 2011) 23 years together  in October 2012
  • Two children that are no longer teenagers (happening for the second child in November)
  • Two children that are in their second year of being teenagers (tomorrow in fact)
  • We have now lived together in four different cities (Bloomington IN, Cincinnati Ohio (actually three cities there as well, Cincinnati proper, Maineville and Fairfield), Greenwood Indiana and now Maryland.

Marriage is something you work at. It isn’t the easiest job you will ever have. But in the end a marriage becomes more than simply creating a family. It becomes a friendship, a partnership and a family. I find that after nearly 21 years of marriage I am still happy to see Barb every day. I

Over those years we’ve come to realize as well, you have good times and bad times. You have good days and bad, but as long as the boat is moving it doesn’t matter what side journey’s you take. Its about the journey, not any one particular stop.

Its been a wonderful ride so far!


Do you remember that day in November (March) when you were born…?

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I didn’t upload my fitbit yesterday because I wanted to hit 3.5 million steps. It is my quest. No matter what I am going to complete it my way.  Which should not surprise anyone that knows me. I tend to like to do things my way.

Yesterday I hosted a big event at work. It was really fun to pull it together and then run the event. I did however leave work exhausted. Today I am focused on pricing stuff, less stress but more mental stuff. Its funny how your job flows like that sometimes.

There is a fine balance between hat we need to do and what we are getting done.

On Friday “Da Boys” are 14. It amazes me how much they have grown. Soon they will pack their backpacks for the last time and move out of our house. I am saddened (and joyous) over the thought. Its much closer for the bean – I suspect she will move out in the next 12 to 24 months. I am looking forward to a time again when it is just Barb and I. A chance to return to the things that we enjoyed doing together. But I have to say, our children will always be the greatest thing we did together.

It even feels a little weird to think about it.


Random Monday Morning…

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Ipad update:

  • A week with the new IPAD – what did I do before I had a working tablet? I like to take notes on conference calls and during events. Mostly because people forget what they say and when you send post meeting notes it reminds them. Also because its hard to say I didn’t say that when it is in black and white (or blue and white) in front of you.
  • I’ve been using my new IPAD to take notes for a week now. Pretty nice device for note taking. Like the windows tablet/OneNote experience its nice to be able to mix media when creating notes as well. My inability to hold a tablet to take video is the only limiter there.

Quest Update:

  • On track for 3.5 million steps this week. Goal is 4 million, and then who knows.
  • 2400 blogs posted this week, heading towards 2500 posts. I am over 50% posts to days now. (since 2005 – I started the first few months blogging two-three times a month.).
  • 6 new podcasts posted this year. 2 more coming in April. One of my old students (that I still email with) asked me for a new Fred and Ed story. They are having their first child and want to share those stories with their new baby. Kind of cool…

Random Thoughts:

  • IU played well Friday but ran into a team with more young talent.
  • Injuries heading into or during the NCAA really hurts teams.
  • Nice to make it to the final 16 teams – justifies our seeding and final season rankings.
  • Cherry blossoms are gorgeous but what a mess
  • sometimes you have to stray from the beaten path.


The drop of water

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Round as it falls

Slightly bulbous as the near

to-the-earth portion

slightly larger

moving ever downward

its mission

to nourish that which lives below


join with its brothers a sisters

to leach away

the very things

needed by those below

striking everything without regard

for order


or importance

we are a band of raindrops

a mighty ocean

in the sky


ever falling

to land where we will

and impose our will


The state of Indiana has issues…

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I decided to clean out my basement office area. Its cleaner than it ever was in Greenwood, and I am not actually cleaning the office, simply selling things on ebay that I am no longer using. I find over the years that you collect lots of things that you end up not using after a time. So I am going to clean out the basement.

So if there is anything I have that you are coveting, check ebay it may be for sale.

The state of Indiana says I owe taxes, even though my employer paid them an extra 3000 (tax error on the companies fault that I didn’t catch until January). I find that amazing over all. Over the many years I’ve lived in Indiana I have to say they have the worst tax system. Property taxes were high, income taxes low but the reality of their system is no matter what they take forever.

Of course I am fighting it, they sent a letter with 1/2 of the table filled out, saying I owed taxes. The funny thing is that in the end, their table actually showed me owing 200 dollars. But in the letter is said I owed 3.000 dollars. I sent it back asking them if the tax owed, minus the tax paid was 200, how di I owe them 3000? I suspect they have an issue in their system.

I guess in the long run its good to be out of Indiana. We shall see when it comes time for a full year of Maryland taxes.


just a starting point

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My confusion I suspect stems from my perception. It isn’t that things are as they should be nor as anyone would wish them to be, simply that at this point they are, an existence that extends beyond perception.

My favorite three lines of poetry all time, one written by Sandler Boggs “Poet’s who read their poem’s out loud may have other nasty habits as well.” The second is from Shelley “Look upon my works ye mighty and despair. But as far as the travelers could see there was nothing.” The second line is paraphrased a little. The last is from William Blake “Did he who made the Tyger make thee?”

I am not sure why over the course of the 30 years since the first was written and the 30 years since I read the first two the first time, they have stuck with me. There are a number of one liners from song’s that I recall and a number of other lines of poetry, but these are the lines I use when I start a thinking project. They are my imaginations leaping off point, that place where the bonds of gravity release from my mind and I am for a time free.

Over the years I have used these jumping off points many times.

You have to start somewhere –


Gather ye millions while ye may


3.4 million steps.
1 million miles flown.
The numbers are staggering. Not that they are staggering from a perspective of simply being numbers (although all the zeros are cool) rather that represents a huge chunk of my life.

To fly a million miles (and over 1500+ flights, 3000+ plus segments) you spend a lot of time away from home. You spend a lot of time in the air. The easiest way is to fly long segments, most of mine were short hops (less than 500 miles combined) In the end it represents the sound and fury, and looking at my million mile certificate, really means nothing.

The quest for 2500 blog posts is on – hitting 2400 in the next few weeks.

I am also rapidly approaching two other milestones with my blog – the first is 2400 posts out of 4800 days. That means in the six years I have been blogging I will have blogged 1/2 of the days. Not that I have anything to say, just that I have said it a lot. The other interesting milestone for my blog is 30,000 views.

of course, this is a flashing cursor blank page blog. Filled with stats becuase today I truly have nothing to say.

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interesting random thought day

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Interesting fact, I have more people who are subscribed to my blog than I had actual new readers or people who aren’t subscribed to my blog yesterday. That is the first time that has ever happened (I check every day). I find that an intriguing fact.

Got a great email about my other blog this morning. Regardless of the content – it was nice to hear from a reader. It really makes my day. My mother frequently comments offline about her grandchildren and how they are doing based on my blog (and it is always nice to hear from mom) but there is something to be said for an out of the blue email and in addition one that says nice things to boot.

I’ve decided that my new book will be two fold – volume 5 of the poetry of Sandler Boggs, combined with the philosophy of Mr. Boggs to boot. He has some unique views of the way the world works.

I have to drive down to DC today so I suspect I will be struggling with traffic. To early or to late and you are so screwed no matter what. It never seems to let up this horrible traffic.