The room is quiet, now…

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the word echoes in the chamber

the walls recoiling in fear

as the wallpaper

lapped the word off the floor

making a horrible sound

like sucking

but more sinister as if a sound

just a sound

could be or have or

function as an emotional response to

the silence that

followed the word


it came back echoing off the far wall and

bouncing around the room now


accelerating to avoid the wallpaper

avoiding the arms

that reached and grabbed

the sucking noise

overwhelming the word

as it in bouncing once

to often

faded to the silence

from which

it had sprung

making us question

was it ever there?


Sandler Boggs


Blog notes/stats

2.3 million steps so far – on the quest to 3 million.

2300 blog posts – new goal is 2500. I will at the current rate make that in roughly 100 or so days.

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