Dancing the parking dance




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3.3 million steps is in sight. Amazing how a number like that moves you.

I have flown a million miles on United Airlines (I have a little plaque that tells me so). Why is it that numbers like that really seem to catch our notice? 1 million of something just feels like a big deal.

I guess in the end, it’s the way the human brain works.

Parking in our neighborhood is interesting. Most folks have garages, but they tend to have more cars than fit in their garages so they park on the street. Or their garages are full and they can’t fit cars in them. So the street in front of our house is always full of cars. The next street over is filled with townhouses, twice as many “houses” per block as our blog and they also need to park (also having garages but with the same problem). It in the end generates an interesting parking dance.

Random Thoughts

  • why don’t people pull to the end of a parking space?
  • Why do some people believe they have a specific spot locked up?
  • City mice are better at parallel parking than country mice, I learned that one pretty early.
  • Country Mice tend to actually smile more though so I guess it is a wash.
  • When I was 15 I could walk 10 miles and it didn’t bother me. Why does it bother me now? I am still stiff from my ten mile walk on Sunday.
  • Do people have power decades?
  • Is it possible to walk to far in a day?
  • I can get to 25,000 steps in a day every once in awhile, 30,000 steps in a day just feels out of reach right now.


Time to get rolling. Lots to do!


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