What we say, what the dog hears




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I wonder sometimes.

There have over the years been a number of comic strips, books and movies that focused on the world from a pet’s point of view. Last night, as I watched our yellow lab sitting in the living room I wondered. We changed our routine a little and her response was comic. She kept staring at us in the living room as we watched TV, trying to get us to go upstairs so she could go to bed. Her girl is on spring break and the lab is struggling with putting everything together this week.

Normally during the week she can be “mad” at the girl. With the girl gone she has to be mad at someone (it’s the female yellow lab thing, “I will allow you to love me now” thing).

So she sat in the living room imploring us to go to bed and not stay downstairs.

Like I said, sometimes I wonder.

Random Dog Thoughts

  • Why do I have to wait for them to feed me
  • Hey, how come you guys get to stick your hands into the popcorn bowl and I get yelled at when I stick my face in
  • You people leave food everywhere (said as she cleans the floor)
  • (sitting head cocked looking at a specific person) seriously are you that dumb?
  • I am not sure I understand that pack hierarchy – I get that I am in charge, but which one of you humans is?
  • Barking at strangers is the same as you yakking on the phone.
  • Dog food is ok, people food is so much better
  • excuse me, my water bowl is empty (followed by tail wagging and an imploring head toss)
  • I am sorry, my food bowl is empty (followed by bouncing, tail wagging and several imploring head tosses)
  • You may love me now, (followed by a head butt to the leg and then a do stranding right in front of you refusing to “mush mush”)

,doc in the land of dogs today

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