The state of Indiana has issues…

My Amazon author page!!!!

I decided to clean out my basement office area. Its cleaner than it ever was in Greenwood, and I am not actually cleaning the office, simply selling things on ebay that I am no longer using. I find over the years that you collect lots of things that you end up not using after a time. So I am going to clean out the basement.

So if there is anything I have that you are coveting, check ebay it may be for sale.

The state of Indiana says I owe taxes, even though my employer paid them an extra 3000 (tax error on the companies fault that I didn’t catch until January). I find that amazing over all. Over the many years I’ve lived in Indiana I have to say they have the worst tax system. Property taxes were high, income taxes low but the reality of their system is no matter what they take forever.

Of course I am fighting it, they sent a letter with 1/2 of the table filled out, saying I owed taxes. The funny thing is that in the end, their table actually showed me owing 200 dollars. But in the letter is said I owed 3.000 dollars. I sent it back asking them if the tax owed, minus the tax paid was 200, how di I owe them 3000? I suspect they have an issue in their system.

I guess in the long run its good to be out of Indiana. We shall see when it comes time for a full year of Maryland taxes.


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