Random Monday Morning…




My Amazon author page!!!!




Ipad update:

  • A week with the new IPAD – what did I do before I had a working tablet? I like to take notes on conference calls and during events. Mostly because people forget what they say and when you send post meeting notes it reminds them. Also because its hard to say I didn’t say that when it is in black and white (or blue and white) in front of you.
  • I’ve been using my new IPAD to take notes for a week now. Pretty nice device for note taking. Like the windows tablet/OneNote experience its nice to be able to mix media when creating notes as well. My inability to hold a tablet to take video is the only limiter there.

Quest Update:

  • On track for 3.5 million steps this week. Goal is 4 million, and then who knows.
  • 2400 blogs posted this week, heading towards 2500 posts. I am over 50% posts to days now. (since 2005 – I started the first few months blogging two-three times a month.).
  • 6 new podcasts posted this year. 2 more coming in April. One of my old students (that I still email with) asked me for a new Fred and Ed story. They are having their first child and want to share those stories with their new baby. Kind of cool…

Random Thoughts:

  • IU played well Friday but ran into a team with more young talent.
  • Injuries heading into or during the NCAA really hurts teams.
  • Nice to make it to the final 16 teams – justifies our seeding and final season rankings.
  • Cherry blossoms are gorgeous but what a mess
  • sometimes you have to stray from the beaten path.


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