Do you remember that day in November (March) when you were born…?

My Amazon author page!!!!

I didn’t upload my fitbit yesterday because I wanted to hit 3.5 million steps. It is my quest. No matter what I am going to complete it my way.  Which should not surprise anyone that knows me. I tend to like to do things my way.

Yesterday I hosted a big event at work. It was really fun to pull it together and then run the event. I did however leave work exhausted. Today I am focused on pricing stuff, less stress but more mental stuff. Its funny how your job flows like that sometimes.

There is a fine balance between hat we need to do and what we are getting done.

On Friday “Da Boys” are 14. It amazes me how much they have grown. Soon they will pack their backpacks for the last time and move out of our house. I am saddened (and joyous) over the thought. Its much closer for the bean – I suspect she will move out in the next 12 to 24 months. I am looking forward to a time again when it is just Barb and I. A chance to return to the things that we enjoyed doing together. But I have to say, our children will always be the greatest thing we did together.

It even feels a little weird to think about it.


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