Oh how the time has passed




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Putting your job down at 5 pm. I haven’t really learned that skill yet. For me it started as a school teacher working until the early evening hours trying to solve the problems my students were facing. But the reality is it started well before that. My parents and grandparents didn’t stop working just because itw as the end of the day.

There are times I wish I could put things down and walk away. I guess that will come when I retire (I hope).

I have been playing with the new Apple TV device and Airplay. Overall it is quite easy to use, and with full HD output it actually makes the big screen in my office more effective as a TV. I can also use the exceptional airplay utility to connect my IPOD to my Yamaha Stereo and to the apple tv (and project my IPAD stuff to the big screen, really nice when reviewing notes). I will do a review on this stuff eventually.

In just 7 short months Barb and I will have hit some very interesting milestones.

  • 21 years married (in June)
  • 22 years together (that was October 2011) 23 years together  in October 2012
  • Two children that are no longer teenagers (happening for the second child in November)
  • Two children that are in their second year of being teenagers (tomorrow in fact)
  • We have now lived together in four different cities (Bloomington IN, Cincinnati Ohio (actually three cities there as well, Cincinnati proper, Maineville and Fairfield), Greenwood Indiana and now Maryland.

Marriage is something you work at. It isn’t the easiest job you will ever have. But in the end a marriage becomes more than simply creating a family. It becomes a friendship, a partnership and a family. I find that after nearly 21 years of marriage I am still happy to see Barb every day. I

Over those years we’ve come to realize as well, you have good times and bad times. You have good days and bad, but as long as the boat is moving it doesn’t matter what side journey’s you take. Its about the journey, not any one particular stop.

Its been a wonderful ride so far!


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