Post birthday download bash

My Amazon author page!!!!

Sometimes on the weekend I look back at my blogs and kind of wonder, what was I thinking. I realized that yesterday’s blog while fun and critical wishing my sons and father a happy birthday – the actual blog was shorter than my header.

I’ve picked up 12 new subscribers in the past week. It happens every once in awhile. There are over 200 people subscribed to my podcast via iTunes so while I am not saying anything important, it must be resonating with somebody. Or maybe people are listening and reading simply because they feel sorry for me, or are worried that I may come to their town or city and so they follow me on-line to make sure I stay far away from them.

I took the boys out for their birthday yesterday. We ended up eating Sushi and then heading over to the yogurt place for frozen yogurt. It was a lot of fun sitting and talking to them about their thoughts and perceptions. After all they are now fourteen, only four more years as children.

I dimly remember being 14. Actually I dimly remember the time before high school at this point. High School is a blur of good and bad memories. College to me was the time I really started to feel like I was moving in a direction.

The boys are downloading a star wars game on my cable modem today. I can kiss any access to the Internet good bye. The game is 27 gigs so I ended up connecting both of their computers directly to the cable modem so they could suck down the bits. Who makes an on-line game that is 27 gigs? Its supposed to be really cool, but still – that is a lot of disk space to leverage.

I can’t even think of a game I’ve placed that was larger than 4 gigs.


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