Remembering Cincinnati Ohio

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Yesterday while walking I spent the time listening to an excellent book. I am about 1/2 through the last George RR Martin Game of Thrones series and have to say it is quite impressive. I began my love of fantasy novels more than 40 years ago reading the hobbit. Actually my teacher read it to us after lunch recess every day for a year.

I read the original English version of the trilogy (Lord of the Rings) when I lived in Thailand and went to an English school. The Americanized version of the books were change originally so reading the original series in its original form was quite nice. That remains my favorite series of books of all time. f course back then I either had to buy a book or go to the library. Now I can download the book and listen to it on my Ipod. I still like the Audible player of the Zune better but since they have been discontinued I really can’t support that anymore.

I got a new Sony video camera and have been playing with it. We took it to Mt. Vernon. It has a bunch of very nice features (as digital video camera’s tend to)…I suspect a review is coming soon but no clue as to when I will actually find time to write that review.

Barb and I bought our first video camera more than 20 years ago when we moved to Cincinnati. She was a Video Producer then for an advertising agency so she used the camera frequently. It was a VHS desk that you carried around – compared to the 3 pounds of the new Sony camera it was quite a load. It is amazing to me the quality of video that the newer camera’s produce.

I was thinking about Cincinnati the other day. Barb and I moved there June 1 1991. It seems strange to think that it was more than 20 years ago. we packed everything we owned in a single U-Haul trailer and moved to a townhouse in Fairfield Ohio ( a suburb of Cincinnati). For the next 8.5 to nearly 9 years we lived in a number of towns in and around Cincinnati. We lived in Maineville (by Kings Island) for a year. We lived in Western Hills (our first house, and the first house we lost money on) for nearly 5 years. We loved that Dutch Colonial House. But when the boys were board it was toooooo small. We ended up building a house in the Mt Airy section of Cincinnati (just north of the Mt. Airy park and water towers if you are familiar with Cincinnati). Gwen joined our family in Cincinnati when we lived on Shafer Avenue (Western Hills). We didn’t have a garage on Shafer and that was bad. Our car was parked on the street in front of our house and was actually hit by passing cars three times. Only one time out of the three did the other driver leave their information and insurance. The other tow times just cost us money.

Cincinnati represents the birth of our family. I will always cherish my time there.


Sunday afternoon with Scott

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For those of you playing along at home – a couple of new Podcasts out on the stream. You can also get it in the Zune store and the Itunes store (free in both). I also have some Fred and Ed stories on the Podcast and will be adding a couple more.. If I can find someone to do the voice (because frankly my voice doesn’t do justice to the character) I may even add a couple of additional Cloud Whisperer epodes.

Today is the long course walk day. I don’t know why I like to walk 10 + miles on Sunday’s. For some reason it really resonates with me. Starts the week off with a sense of relaxed purpose.

Went through another purge this week. Moved out a number of items I haven’t used in more than a year. Its my new standard although a little painful because frankly there are a number of things I haven’t used that I may again use. It forces me to evaluate the goals of the might use and make a judgment call as to if the might =reality.

I’ve been doing some video taping – probably should start a YouTube channel like the podcast. Or maybe made a video podcast. I did a couple of those in the past. Its all about the tribal knowledge.

There is an very interesting new video camera from 3m that is out now. It is a hand held video camera and projector. I am curious about that as it would seem to fill a niche in the market that has long been one that interested me. Combined or multi-purpose devices that solve one or two problems well. Not the Swiss army knife version (solve many problems OK not well).

Enough for today – need to prep for my walk!


Saturday Random thoughts…

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The problem with removing a domain – you lose the computers (like the one I am typing on this am) that are domain connected. I have two machines in the house that are connected to my old AD infrastructure. I guess I have to bite the bullet and kill their connections as I take apart the lab.

What is means realistically is that I have to transfer everything out of the my documents folder before the killing of the domain so I don’t lose anything and then hopefully none of my applications are killed as well.

I was thinking about that the other day so it pupped back up today.

Francine was 11 yesterday. Seems like just yesterday that she came to live with us and Gwen.

After spending the past 14 years as a PC only user – I have to say all these years later the Macintosh still does media better than the PC. I am not sure there is a good explanation other than that Macs were built around media versus the PC’s who were built as business machines first. It’s a hard gap to bridge and windows still isn’t that much closer now than it was 14 years ago when I left.


Random Friday Randomization

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I am after more than 15 years dismantling the last two servers in my lab. there is of course the small issue of machines that are domain joined and the impact on them, but that isn’t a huge deal. How many people have multiple domain’s in their basement anyway?

A few Random Thoughts…

  • Egad it seems strange to be thinking about giving up the home lab. But the time has come. I am now a cloud consumer.
  • 40 years ago I was riveted to anything NASA on television. I have to say the flight of Enterprise from Dulles to NYC brought back those memories. Seeing Enterprise perched on the back of a 737 ready for takeoff at Dulles reminded me of the glory days of NASA. Well the glory days are coming again with a number of cool things coming up – but I wonder if in fact it isn’t time for the UN to sponsor a true international space agency.
  • I find peace walking, even with the Chaos of a street around me why is that?
  • I’ve been listening to talk radio on my portable XM device while walking. When I want a change of pace I listen to Audible books – seriously there has to be something wrong with me. I love to walk with someone talking to me.
  • I am addicted to watches. They are no longer cool but I still love them.
  • I can no longer beat the boys, ever in Halo.
  • I can no longer beat Jackie in Halo.
  • Does it say you are a good dog owner when your dogs live 10 + years?
  • I love dogs.
  • I want my MTV…


New IPAD Review follow-up

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I’ve spent some time lately on my “other” blog talking about iT Sprawl. It’s a concept that involves an IT problem that many organizations have and continue to have. Not going to spend a lot of time here talking about it, just wanted to share.

Todays is a review day. I’ve been carrying around the new IPAD for the past month. I really enjoyed the old IPAD I had (the kids are using it now as a game system). The new one is simply amazing.


  • The screen really is worth it
  • I like the LTE network – it makes a difference as well
  • Dish Remote, Hulu +, Sirius and Netflix all work really well in remote mode. I can’t wait to try the new Blockbuster streaming application.


  • I still can’t transition to the IPAD for notes. I need the feel of a pen and the LiveScribe device remains the best one for notes for me.

Overall it has been worth the upgrade for me. I am hoping that Windows 8 in tablet form will lessen the gap a little because right now the IPAD remains the best tablet. I tried using an android tablet but it was simply not good enough. My windows 7 tablet is good (and includes a stylus for note taking so it is a close second in that one category to the LiveScribe.)

I have also tried the Brookstone add on Ipad scanner. That is the coolest device I’ve added so far (although eh Ihealth blood pressure cuff is a close second). I find I can live without a laptop for longer and longer time periods now. Eventually it will be a complete break but that isn’t coming in the short term.

Still, in less than 5 months the Ipad has become a go-to tool for me…


The last slide home

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It is still there

I saw it walking

past the old school that

has seen better days

and around from the new shiny skate park

gleaming with its metal slides and

concrete waves

the old chain link backstop

rusted now

and falling down

stooping in its old age

like osteoporosis deleted bones

sagging inward

but it is still there

amid the weeds and


I saw it walking by

not stopping to recall

the last slide home

home plate still there

in the weeds

you can

if you listen closely

still hear the cheers

and he rounded third

and stretching

his arms pumping



started to slide

a cloud of dust

the poignant pause

and then the umpire through the fog


the cheers


but somehow muted by time now

would they have been louder

knowing it was

the last slide home?


From the desk of Sandler Boggs

The infinite fear of Ozone…

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Just before the rain

with the smell of ozone in the air

you can hear it

just for a fleeting second

a pause in

the momentary glitch


a flashing screen

for a moment dark

and you pause

do you turn off the television?

is it a blackout

the night rushing into your home

the cold seeping around the window sill

to fill the void left by


is it?

Finger twitching

remote in hand

the moment over

the ozone

replaced by thunder

as the rain falls

over and around

under and through

you forget

the moment

you forget the fear

watching Monday night sitcoms

and wondering what

the cave man did

sitting alone in his dark cave

with no light switch

no Monday night football

and no fear of Ozone.


From the desk of Sandler Boggs