A beginning




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Writing is a craft. It is something you start as a kindergarten student, sitting at a tiny desk with crayons in hand attempting to reach within yourself and find a model and method for and of communicating with others. It is an extension of you beyond representations of the physical (or frig art as it is sometimes called).

This is however a beginning. A launching point for the expulsion of ideas from the author to you the reader. We shall in wandering the pages to follow find a common ground where our thoughts will meld into a single unified agreement and in many cases a divergence where my original thought will lead you in a new and exciting direction.

It is, this beginning we have here, the start of a conversation. A conversation that has been had many times before yet somehow each time remains unique. It is a conversation between myself and you although a you of the future and a me of the past. For the me that created this is no more, having moved forward into the future that is now the present. At the same time you the reader are reaching back into the past, a slice of history that you are celebrating in reading this, sharing this.

The path to understanding involves taking the first step. I suspect this convoluted future you and past me conversation may not be a step towards understanding. In fact I doubt that anything past me knows and puts on this paper will result in future you suddenly leaping to your feet screaming I understand. Instead let us consider this a conversation that may (or may not) occur on the journey to understanding.

from the desk of Sandler boggs

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