The path to a million steps

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On the journey to a million steps the first thing you notice is the world around you. The world is ever changing, leaves that turn brown and then fall from the trees spring green again from tiny buds that creep out of the limbs of bushes and trees and the cold of February fades into the wind of March. It is a world of life and death. Humans are predators so as you walk you hear the scurrying of animals that you might be hunting for, dinner perhaps? A Robin omelet with Robin’s eggs blue?

Each step becoming less a movement of muscles and more a separation, the application of distance in two foot measures, each step further from where you were and closer to where you could be but never arriving or returning to either. You find, in that journey of a million steps that each step is unique and each step becomes like all the others.

Looking back all steps are the same.

Looking forward each step is unique.

So the dance goes. Always one eye ahead and one eye watching the ground that swells and falls in front of you. What do you hear on that journey of a million steps. The sounds of a world awakening and a world that is heading to sleep. The sounds of children, held on the shoulders of grandparents crying. Asking for the person not there, the person they can’t have now and so their tiny cries fill the air with loneliness for you are walking and most likely facing the world along as well.

Each step echo’s and that resounds as well and then there is the birds. Always around and above, scurrying about their daily lives filling trees and air with sound and fury.

Sometimes on the journey of a million steps you long for quiet. Instead the cacophony of noise assaults you like a train roaring past and filling the air around you as if there was nothing but air nothing but noise. You pause for a moment, letting the rush of noise fill the void around you, but eventually each step carries you further from the noise towards?

From the desk of Sandler Boggs

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