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People are fascinated by the Titanic. It was and is a huge disaster (as was the Lusitania and frankly as was 9/11). I think the Titanic speaks to man’s fascination with failure. Not failure of the world around us rather failure of the machines and people who run them. We build massive machines and when either they fail or the people who are running them fail it becomes news. I think we are failure junkies.

I read a great Washington Post article today about the mobile market. It was interesting because in part it said Microsoft (and Nokia for that matter) was in trouble in the mobile market. Its interesting to me because I believe the mobile market is the future. I use my Ipad for roughly 30% of the day to day job and blog tasks I undertake. That number continues to increase.

In the days of yore when I traveled all the time, an Ipad would have been more than 50% of my overall computing solution not because they are cool but because they can easily replace a number of other devices and have great battery life.

So back to Microsoft and the article talking to their potential failure. That mobile market is a critical go forward market in technology. From a whole home DVR system that broadcasts your television back to the Internet to the replacement of home land lines with mobile phones the world is changing. Mobility is the future, to paraphrase “he who owns the mobile heart, owns the world.”  Now I’ve been using both an android phone and an iPhone for the past few months. The android is not as polished nor as effective as the iPhone today. But the lead isn’t as large as it was two years ago and frankly it is actually shrinking year over year. The apps gap for Microsoft will be a death knell, although a couple of the newer phones are very solid hardware devices.

Mobility is the future. I am now wondering who of the big three software vendors is actually the titanic. The one that misses the mobility train is the one that will hit the iceberg. What they do next will determine if they sink or, simply limp into New York harbor wounded, drained but alive.


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