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Do pedometers help you work out? I read in the Washington Post that in fact they don’t really help except as motivators. I would agree with that although as a motivator they really do help. I find myself walking a little extra and taking the stairs a little more often to get the maximum number of steps in every week so from a motivation perspective it really is working.

The new fitbit (which I shockingly highly recommend) also tracks how many stairs you climb in a day. I find it fascinating the overall number collected when you consider it (I do suspect their steps to miles conversion system isn’t as good as it should be – normally 10,000 steps equals loosely 5 miles I’ve noticed the fitbit system actually counts that as 12 to 13 miles).

The value proposition however of the Garmin sports watches is that in addition you can also view your walk in a mapping package (Google maps or Bing maps) which is very useful. I have been playing with the actual walking path I’ve been taking recently to shake things up a bit but also because its fun to explore new places. Having the route laid out on Google maps let’s me actually figure out how to extend or (when needed at times) shorten my walk.

Technology is a wonderful as you walk along in your personal stereo or telephone bubble listening to the music you want to hear knowing that you are where you wanted to be when you laid the trail out. Simply amazing…

So in the end I agree with the writer from the Post – the pedometer isn’t a great exercise tracking tool per se, but it is a great motivational device. Now I have to go to work and climb some stairs…


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