in-pulse and random thoughts…

My Amazon author page!!!!

I am super excited about the upcoming (September) release of the new Pebble watch from In-Pulse. I have their current product and use it to make my blackberry more useful – it actually helps although my BB is still more of a relic than something I can’t live without. At least the IN-Pulse makes it something that is marginally more useful.

In just a few days my beloved Barb will receive her Masters in Social Work. She still has to take the certification exam in Maryland but after a 4 years journey she stuck to her guns and graduated. At a time when most of us are slowing down to watch the race she is still lapping the field (of course if you ever go to a go-cart park with Barb you will know that she never slows down. She and Nick battle for household superiority at every amusement park we go to, Luke, Jackie and I just get out of the way, otherwise as they say we just eat dust). Believe in yourself and in the end good things will happen for you.

I listened to Irish music last night while walking. Don’t ask me why, it was just what I was feeling. I find that if I tailor my music to my walk the walk in the end is more enjoyable.

Nearing a couple of goals (4 million steps and 2500 blog posts).

Thinking a little about IT sprawl on my other blog (see link to DocAndersen above). It is something I ‘ve been chasing for 20 plus years now. I wonder if I will ever catch it.



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