Riding the peaks and valley’s a bloggers lament




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So if you check your blog stats – you will see variances in the number of readers at any one time. In fact the problem is two fold – for example when I visit a blog ( and I visit a few every day – although most via my RSS reader which changes the “impact of the view.”) there is a noticeable behavioral change. For example when I hit a blog via the browser I tend to reach other posts by the author. If it is an RSS feed I tend to only read the post in front of me. That behavior makes the very numbers suspect. It is after all not about the number of people who visit your page rather how many people visit and stick.

As a blogger you seek stickiness.

This is actually an advertising and marketing concept as well (see “Made to stick” by Chip Heath and his brother). It is the concept that drives bloggers nuts. Unless you move past having to have readers and are simply blogging to get stuff out (which I do frequently).

Time on site is the stickiness factor you are looking for. Click throughSleeping half-moon is the thing you don’t want (hit your page and then click off your page right away – the game “Go Fish” not what I wanted problem).

There are a number of ways you can achieve this (catchy titles – great content – fantastic pictures – or my new thought a virtual $ for everyone who clicks on this blog Winking smile see its in your email now)

In the end it’s a numbers game – and you can’t despair if the numbers appear to favor another blog.


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