Egad the word of the day

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Egad. Always wanted to use that in my blog. Don’t really ever have a place so it is my lead in today. I took yesterday off from walking. At 51 I have learned when your feet hurt, its ok to take a day off.

Ok in the best sense of full disclosure I actually have a list of words I’ve been trying to work in for the past two months. I think it actually comes from my love of quotes. I don’t know where that came from in my childhood but there are certain quotes that have stuck with me (and I’ve used them over and over again). It may be some sort of illness.

I’ve always loved words. When I lived in Thailand I went to an English school. My very favorite thing was we actually had dictionary and word assignments in our classroom dictionary. I love words. Leaping from a blank and blinking cursor to the eye they can change the world. The art of rhetoric lives (not in this blog, but it lives elsewhere).

The path we follow and the path we want can sometimes come together.

Let’s end today with another Egad!


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